Art Forms and Mediums

Prompt Word Library

These are run as permutations to ensure a stable(-ish?) starting seed noise. The prompt format is [word on image] of a Sunflower Bear --seed 1337 --v 6.0

(Though i omit the seed from the images now, as it seems to confuse people more than it helps)

Extra Info

In preparation for the new Midjourney V6, I figured out how to automate some of the process with Illustrator! Yay! I thought I would start back up with the prompt word library for Art Forms and Art Mediums, to show the variety that this new version has to offer.

Also, I decided to keep some prompts that are small variations from each other, because I always find it interesting to see what changes. V6 seems to be more sensitive to typos as well, so if you find any, they were totally deliberate tests. 

(the image carousel takes forever to load, I am sorry about that!)