March 2024 - Research Assistant Harvard Stress & Development Lab

Working remotely with Dr. Teresa Vargas at the Stress and Development Lab, assisting various mental health research studies with geospatial data processing. Using my skills in GIS Methodology and Spatial Data Science.


2020 - 2024 Bsc Human Geography and Planning University Groningen

150 ECTS with a GPA of 7.9 (79%) 

2022 - 2023 Minor: Data Science University Groningen

30 ECTS with a GPA of 8.4 (84%)

Worked on a project for Statistics Netherlands (CBS) in a multidisciplinary team, creating a data visualisation dashboard to monitor mobility patterns in Northern Netherlands using R and R Shiny. Focused on generating insights, handling API imports, and graphically representing data. Facilitated open communication to overcome organisational challenges.

2016 - 2020 Matura High School Diploma Abendgymnasium Linz


Hobbies and Interests

My interest vary wildly, but are currently especially focused around emerging technologies like generative AI tools, such as Midjourney and ChatGTP. Besides a general affinity for tech, I also always have at least 5 ongoing creative projects, like knitting a cardigan, making soap, building furniture or programming tools to help me in my everyday life.

Tina Tiresome
Groningen, Netherlands
(happy to move within the EU or abroad)

A highly-motivated and detail-oriented Human Geography and Urban Planning graduate with a minor in Data Science, currently working as a Research Assistant with Harvard. Background in programming, data visualisation and mapping, and quantitative research, complemented by excellent soft skills and a passion for creative problem-solving.

Looking for opportunities in the field of geodata engineering, analytics or visualisations, or other roles where I can apply my technical, design and organisational skillset.